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I am going back to the situation where I do not take photos a lot because it confines your memory. I would rather have things up in the air than know how I look, what I do with my friends or how I open up a present.
But you work with photo.
What are the things you should photograph?
Meaningless things. I am trying to empty the content of the things that you see.
Nicely furnished with armchairs, objects on top of bookshelves.
I think some plants.
The way I’m imagining it to be.
Very greenish, creams - warm.
A very liveable, very enjoyable house.
It just doesn’t look like a single person’s apartment.
It’s just too much for a single person.
Either they are living together, or it’s one of their parents' old place.
It’s just too well furnished.
The person photographed our interaction.
My interaction with the gift and my interaction with the person who gave the gift to me.
I didn’t like it. I could see my face and my reaction regardless if I was happy or not.
Now my memory is fixed to the image I see.
Whereas if there was no photograph taken, I can remember anything.
I feel like in some way, I don’t know if you feel it too, but there is something that is repetitive here.  By taking these three photos and all those others he is already telling her “you’re special, you have my attention”. And on top of this what we are seeing is photos of her receiving a gift. I feel like it is exponential in that sense.  On top of everything, he is giving the gift.  So I feel like there is a little bit of—
You know?
This is like a candy for her to open. He’s just like. Ahhh fuck. I didn’t think about it but that’s sick, if it is true. 
You are this, and on top of that I will you give you this then I am going to photograph you. You that you are the object of desire and the thing I give you because you are special. It’s a big game of importance that somebody becomes a part of.
Maybe you can look for that pattern in other pictures to see how she interacts with objects. 
He could have saved these moments for him and her. When you give someone a gift you’re actually very close to the person. “Hey this is for you” and you kind of stay there to see how this person reacts. First thing he does, ok I’m just going to take a photo. It’s too much at one point. She’s special, we already know, but on top of that you give her a gift, then you take a photo of the gift.
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