torna Residency - How to Apply

Who is the residency for?

At torna we encourage the possibilities of art thinking, art production and sharing in collaborative yet independent ways of working. torna is especially interested in artists who use writing and printed matter as part of their practice. However, the residency is by no means limited to text and print based artists and we would love to hear about your practice and look together at how we can accommodate it at torna.

To have a more clear idea on what torna has been working on in the last 10 years, please see the past exhibitions and projects we have produced with the artists who worked at and with torna.

torna residency does not aim to have an exhibition at the end of its duration. However, depending on each artist's practice, torna is very interested in collaborating with the artist towards a printed publication or an online web based project. We can also invite you to collaborate on our torna small project which is a 1:6th scale miniature room in which artists are invited to 'exhibit' in.

If you are interested or intrigued by any of these ideas then please email

Since we will be living together and working alongside one another at torna, we like to get to know our residents a little beforehand. So let us know a little about yourself and your practice in the email and then we can get in touch with you for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!