torna Residency In A House

We found this house 7 years ago. We lived in a tent in the only habitable room of the house for one year. As we worked we learnt about restoration. We cleaned up the floors, threw away tons of concrete, bricked in holes, plastered the walls, put in sewage pipes, built the sash windows using 100 year-old oak beams. With the help of dirt, hay, water, timber and a few basic tools we healed this 4 storey mini giant.

If the ghosts inside allow, this will be the torna house starting from summer 2023. It won't be an exhibition space; but a space for thinking, making or perhaps not doing much, just being. We plan to hold all torna activities here including torna residency, bookshop, library and torna small.

In a country where everything gets knocked down, every old and beautiful building tumbles away, we wish this house to stand up proud and special. We hugely respect its 90 odd years of existence with all the common women and men who have passed through and lived here.

In the summer of 2023, torna will have a new home and a new torna residency will begin.

For more information have a look at here and here. For other questions do get in touch.