torna Residency

At torna we encourage the possibilities of art thinking, art production and sharing in collaborative yet independent ways of working. torna is especially interested in artists who use writing and printed matter as part of their practice. However, the residency is by no means limited to text and print based artists and we would love to hear about your practice and look together at how we can accommodate it at torna.

To have a more clear idea on what torna has been working on in the last 10 years, please see the past exhibitions and projects we have produced with the artists who worked at and with torna.

torna is especially interested in the ongoing research ideas; failed attempts in understanding processes and the various discussions we can have in between.

This year, we'd like to invite artists to collaborate on our torna small project which is a 1:6th scale miniature room in which artists are invited to 'exhibit' in.

Even though this is mostly a 'working' residency, we would also like to invite you to unwind, declutter your mind and relax a bit. We'd love to share our home and studios with another artist and give them the chance to enjoy the sun, the sea and the food while having the calmness and carelessness of being somewhere else.

If you are interested or intrigued by any of these ideas then please email

See more on the houses HERE.

For more information have a look at HERE. For other questions do get in touch.