A Complicated Structure (A resident's notes)
Sandra Zanetti

At the start of the 2023 torna residency program, we began a 'diary' platform for each resident artist. They will use these pages as notebooks to scribble down thoughts, notes and plans.

12-08-2023 / Saturday

"... time spent meandering through ruins, archeological sites, and a variety of built environments has been a great starting point to begin my print work which explores the dimensional and psychological characteristics of time through rubble and ruins as a metaphor for the contradictions, and fragmentary nature of our understanding of destruction and production within our collective predicament.

I’ve been sifting through digital piles of information, excavating from academic archives as well as 36,000 of my own images that I’ve captured through a peripatetic lifestyle for the last five years to build a web of visual information for a book I’m writing. The process has felt similar to the archeological process of digging through mounds from the past and pulling out items to build connections. I’ve been composing sonic work alongside this project comprised of bits of field recording and experimental synth techniques which is meant to be a time-flattening amalgam mixing with whatever life may be naturally occurring around within the timespan that the record is played.

I’ve found that I’ve had the chance to strip my concepts down to a raw level and more deeply understand the concept of time and world-building through this huge web of interconnected ideas and aesthetics spanning architecture, creative process, philosophy, science, and the environment. But it’s also given me a new perspective on how one builds the self throughout time. I’m interested to see how people will interact with my book as a work of art where the viewer has agency with the connections they build from their own visual language."