Remaking of three books: Drawing Made Easy & Eskimo Folktales & Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk

• He asks me if we can publish a public domain book (Drawing Made Easy or Eskimo Folktales or Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk or all together?)


I am offering to publish a book using the sections of the three books mentioned above and below.
My connection to any of these books is weak. I draw, I am not an Eskimo and I don't plan to be a female Monk in Canada.

I have a strange tree in my head that branches out into 3 enormous sections: 1)An Eskimo who continuously tells tails or rather tales, 2)a woman who talks about faith and anger while I learn and teach 3)how to easily draw rabbits and airplanes. There is something uncanny in this tree, which I like to investigate. (I also like old; these books are public domain so I feel a guilty excitement about spending my hours remaking someone else's work.) My name is Kai Xavier and I currently live in an ancient village called Derbe.