This project is a large house. Each participant is a room, some are the corridor, cow shed, store room, back garden.

Topics of conversations, offerings, suggestions - so far / 7.12.2023:

• He asks me if we can publish a public domain book (Drawing Made Easy or Eskimo Folktales or Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk or all together?)

• A continuation of Japanese writer Osamu Dazai’s stories

• Chapter 6 in Winnie the Pooh, about the donkey Eeyore having a birthday and receiving two presents

• She said how about miniature rooms.

• There is a place called St Fagans in Cardiff, it holds a vast collection of ancient houses from around Wales.

• She runs a house as a hotel, a stop-in space, a work place for the artist (remember Alighiero Boetti and Aydın bey from Winter Sleep)

• Sewn sculptures in toy shaped formats (are they just making toys then?)

• They offered to write imaginary interviews